Thursday, November 6, 2008

Politics as Usual, or Fresh Start?

Let's get behind President-elect Obama for the sake of America's future.

After a grueling 22 month Presidential campaign, there's no time for President elect Obama to bask in the sunlight, as he starts to tackle America's mounting problems.

The day he takes office, President Obama will be confronted with a dizzying set of challenges and decisions -- 1) stabilizing the economy, 2) re-prioritizing Pentagon's military budget, 3) keeping Iran's nuclear ambitions in check, 4) confronting the Taliban's terrorism in Pakistan, 5) setting an exit strategy for Iraq and Afghanistan wars, 5) determining whether Petraeus's current Iraq strategy could also work in Afghanistan, 6) rebalancing the Federal budget, 7) creating jobs, 8) restoring the middle class, 9) providing stimulative tax cuts, 10) changing health care so all Americans have coverage, and, 11) restoring America's leadership image through the world through diplomacy and military force.

One thing is for sure -- President Obama won't have much time until he needs to make critical decisions.

As a country, we need to avoid partisan politics and distractions that would take his team's collective eye off the ball, for even a second.

It's time to heal wounds and fix the deep fissures carried over from one of America's most inept and corrupt administrations.

Let's get to work. Every day counts. We "hired" him for his intelligence and leadership. Let's put America's interest ahead of party rancor and power politics.

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