Sunday, September 13, 2009

The "Crasher Squirrel" Is Everywhere !!

The whole world's gone wild over the "crasher squirrel".

CNN reports that Melissa Brandts and her husband Jackson were hiking in Banff National Park when they set up their camera to use a wireless remote shutter for a few shots of the two of them.

"A little squirrel had been running around while we were getting the shot set up," Melissa Brandts said.

"I was joking with my husband that I hoped he was friendly because he was getting awful close and kind of scampering around our feet and stuff."

Friendly? You might say so.

It was also a bit timid and perhaps even indecisive because it soon scurried away and then, just as quickly, rushed back again.

"All of a sudden he popped back up because he heard the shutter releasing, the clicking of the camera.

The only thing we can figure is that he thought it was going to give him food or something," Brandts said.

"He popped right up and looked right into the camera, and we were laughing so hard because we were like 'get it, get it!' and we were trying to get the remote to fire.

So we got a couple of pictures -- took a couple of pictures with him there, and then he ducked down and proceeded to run away."

...thanks, Ray !

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