Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hello... You're Drunk

Here's a nifty product that fills a social need: it's a FREE app that calculates when or if you should drive.

While you may think the idea is hokey (or a big "no duh"), it's biggest draw is that it's fun to use, even in a crowd at a bar. What could be better than that?

For one "tester", the app proclaimed, "don't even think about it." While she was surprised at the time (read: the normal impaired-judgment effect of alcohol), her hangover the next day confirmed the app's assessment.

But the best part of all?

"When she pulled out the iPhone app at a bar the other night, her friends all clamored to take a turn - and the subject was suddenly very much on the table.

Another advantage: people may be more apt to listen to her phonethan to a friend who tries to take away her keys.

For some, the app 'feels very solid and mathematical and trustworthy, and nonjudgmental.'"

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