Thursday, December 2, 2010

Love It When Network TV Screws Up!

The Rockefeller Center Christmas show on NBC had a major audio flub. When singer Charice took the stage, she and accompanist David Foster waited to start her song, and up came the soundtrack for the previous Boyz II Men song, revealing that began that Boys II Men had been performing to a music track that included vocals.

So as Charice stood there with the deer in the headlights look, and the camera artfully backed off to a wide aerial shot, David Foster at the Yahama starts bumping his head in rhythm with Boyz II Men track, then you hear random sounds including - if you listen closely - the director and live talent - Al Roker, essentially saying "what the f?"

Then after a deafening silence, Foster saved the day by taking the mike from Charice, who was not completely frozen, and yelling to the crowd, "There ain't nothing like live TV, here in New York City. We're going to get this right in the next 15 seconds. Hang on."

Next time guys, have a back up plan. Go to a live interview, run a pre-taped segment, or just do to commercial. Hey Al and Natalie, you get paid big bucks to ad lib. And Mr. Director, were you out on coffee break?

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