Sunday, February 6, 2011

Top 10 Things to do on Valentine's Day

  1. Have Sex in a Public Place (or a New Public Place) – what a way to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day! Make sure you find a place that's public but still hidden enough that the thrill is still there but you won't surprise anyone...maybe. Some ideas might be a park, empty classroom, golf course, hot get the picture. Be creative and have fun but be responsible about the place you choose.
  2. Go on a Wine Tasting Tour – if you have local winery you can visit then that’s perfect! If not then create your own wine tasting adventure by picking out some of your favorite wines and then try pairing them with some fruit or cheese.
  3. Take a Trip to Disney World – I know...when you think of Disney you think of kids running around everywhere but I asure you, Disney has plenty to do for adults. Try staying in one of their premier resorts and letting them set up a package for you where your meals and drinks are included for a fun change of pace.
  4. Make a Human Sundae – blind fold your partner and tease them by turning them into a human sundae. All you need to do is raid the kitchen and fridge for the most common sundae ingredients (make sure your lover likes them as there would be nothing worse to kill the mood then a mouthful of something they don't like). Common sundae components include chocolate syrup, caramel, cherries, strawberries, bananas, ice cream, and chopped nuts...YUM!
  5. Try on Lingerie at a Local Store – this is a great way to really tease your partner and get them worked up for lovemaking later. Victoria's Secret is a great place to start or if you're not sure where to go, try searching the internet for local lingerie shops near you. Let your partner pick out their favorite outfit and purchase it to take home with you.
  6. Make a Rose Petal Bath – this is an oldie but goody and never ceases to knock the socks off your partner and make them fell like the angels are smiling down on them. It's really simple and you can make it special by adding your own unique touches. Try making a rose petal trail to the bathroom where a warm bubble bath is already waiting. Use candles and low lighting to set the mood and maybe have some of their favorite goodies like chocolate covered strawberries waiting for them so there's nothing for them to do but get undressed and get in the bathtub.
  7. Pic Nic in the Park - one of my absolutely favorite things to do with my honey is spend time at the park so a private pic-nic is perfect to kick off Valentine's Day. It doesn't even have to be a full meal. It can just be a good wine, some cheese, and maybe some fruit to pare with everthing. You can make everything yourself or pick up something from one of their favorite restaurants for a special treat.
  8. Read a Sexy Book Together - grab a really sexy, provacative book and start reading it together. Find something that is erotic enough to get you both in the mood for some really hot sex afterwards!
  9. Couples Massage - I LOVE a good's so relaxing and comforting. Make an appointment for a couples massage together in the same room so you can gaze into each other's eyes and daydream about the night ahead.
  10. Stay in a Local Hotel - stay in a local hotel and pretend your out of town on a trip. There's something really exciting about the idea of pretending to be somewhere else so bring a bottle of wine and your favorite outfit and pretend like your a tourist for the night.

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