Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shortpaw Acronyms Translated

From Sally to Doreen With Love, these are really cute.

Some Favorite Shortpaws (Acronyms) 

BOL: Bark Out Loud

BBO: Big Bark Out

BAYL: Bark At You Later

BMTO: Barking My Tail Off

BMJTO: Barking My Jolly Tail Off (this is for the Christmas Season)

BMNYTO: Barking My New Year’s Tail Off!

BMBTO: Barking My Bilingual Tail Off!

BMKTO: Barking My Kingly Tail Off

BMFTO: Barking My Flat Tail Off

BIMMO: Barking In MY Mind Only

BUMB: Barking Under My Breath

BBB: Bummed Beyond Belief

BLAM: Bark Like A Maniac

HBB: Happy Beyond Belief

BDFF: Best Dog Friend Forever

BLWM: Bark Less Wag More

LWW: Lick – Woof – Wag

JFI: Just Fetch It

GSY: Go Scratch Yourself

GW: Guilt Works

HATM: Howling At The Moon

TOPA: The Original Party Animal

FDMM: Flat Dante Mini Me

MHLC: Missing HER Like Crazy

MMDRNF: My Momma Didn’t Raise No Fool

TTB: The Traveling Boy

SUAB: Sit Up And Beg

SBB: Spoiled Beyond Belief

PBB: Proud Beyond Belief

SBALC: Sit Back And Look Cute

ROAPD: Roll Over And Play Dead

OLAL: Out Like A Light

ITDO: In This Dog’s Opinion

IGTBM: It’s Great To Be Me

IAAM: It’s All About Me

ICHW: I Can Hardly Wait

HLCOLGG: How Lucky Can One Little Guy Get

BSMLGH: Be Still My Little Guy Heart

IGBWALHFH: I Get By With A Little Help From HER

HWTMF: Having Way Too Much Fun

TP: Think Pawsitive

TPU: Two Paws Up

TILAM: Take It Like A Man

TILALG: Takin’ It Like A Little Guy

TCOB: Takin’ Care Of Business

TGTBT: Too Good To Be True

TSCLG: Tech Savvy Cute Little Guy

PCQ: Personal Cuteness Quotient

MYLC: Missing You Like Crazy

PFA: Paws For Applause

TTTP: Talk To The Paw

TCDI: The Cat Did It

TCFW: Too Cute For Words

WTCFW: Way Too Cute For Words (this one from MTM)

TCFWWOAD: Too Cute For Words WithOut A Doubt (Thanks to MTM for this one!)

TCLGITH: The Cutest Little Guy In The Hood (another one from MTM…ye haa)

PTP: Pounding the Pavement or Pushing the Pedals

HITR: Human In The Room

CITA: Caught In The Act

CSB: Can’t Stop Barking

CPOP: Completely Pooped Out Pup

GUMB: Growling Under My Breath

GUMJB: Growling Under My Jolly Breath

GUMVB: Growling Under My Virtual Breath

NBFALG: Not Bad For A Little Guy

SAYN: Smiling At You Now

RMT: Read My Tail

TNTB: Trying Not To Bark

WMLO: Working My Legs Off

WWW: Who’s Walking Who

CLG: Cute Little Guy (that’s me!!!)

LGL: Little Guy Lovin’

LH: Love HER (I really, really do)

DE: Dante Effect

4-L: Four-Legged

TFFFC: Too Fit For Fat Clothes (this one’s for HER)

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