Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mac Touch Gestures

Mac Multi-Touch Gestures

Multitouch gestures let you use several fingers to do cool stuff on Mac Laptops. Not all Macs can perform these gestures, so if it doesn’t work, your laptop may not be new enough to support the gestures.

Basic (Have been supported for quite some time. If they don’t work, you must enable them in System Preferences.)

2-Finger Drag Up/Down/Left/RightScroll Up/Down/Left/Right
2-Finger ClickEquivalent to a Right-Click or Ctrl-Click
Hold Control while 2-Finger Dragging Up/DownZoom In/Out on the Screen

The Multi-touch Gestures below are supported on newer laptops such as the MacBook Air as well as Unibody MacBook and MacBook Pros (and the previous generation of MacBook Pros). Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard adds 4 finger gestures to older Macs that previously had only supported the 3 finger gestures.

Finder & Quick Look

3-Finger Swipe Left/RightGo Back/Forward in Folder History
Pinch/Expand In Cover FlowIncrease/Decrease Thumbnail Size
Pinch In Quick LookExit Fullscreen
Expand (Reverse Pinch) In Quick LookEnter Fullscreen

Exposé and App Swicher (Work Everywhere)

4-Finger Swipe UpHide Windows and Show Desktop (Exposé)
4-Finger Swipe DownShow All Windows (Exposé)
4-Finger Swipe Left/RightOpen Application Switcher (You can use a Trackpad or Mouse to select the desired app, or use a 2-Finger scroll to switch apps, with a 4-Finger Click to choose it.)

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