Monday, August 30, 2010

Tracking Your Health

Some websites let you enter daily health data and observations and provide useful feedback that can be shared with doctors:

* Online journal lets users track 30-plus health factors including weight, food intake, energy level and exercise and input data from an iPhone. Produces reports that track factors together, such as exercise and mood.

* Offers surveys about diseases, conditions, treatments and symptoms. Users can chart health over time and compare progress to patients with similar conditions.

* Government-sponsored site lets users enter dietary information and exercise. Provides picture of food intake vs. activity level for several days or up to a year. Compares daily dietary information and exercise to current guidelines.

* Offers tools to track personal data and health plans to manage weight, chronic conditions, depression or pregnancy. Users can sign up for condition-specific care plans such as headaches and keep diaries on headache triggers.

* Provides health trackers for blood pressure, blood sugar, pregnancy weight gain, pregnancy temperature, exercise.

* Lets authorized users on iPhones, iPads, iPods or website track daily information on infants including food intake, diaper changes, sleep, mood, growth milestones, medications and vaccines.

* Preventive health information service lets users track healthy habits and compliance with preventive health measures over time; links screening and preventive history to Google Health personal profile.

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