Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fresh new look of Apple iOS 7 in Pictures

Smoother, cleaner, flatter
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  • Smoother, cleaner, flatter
  • Lock screen and notifications
  • Control Center
  • Launching September 18
  • Free apps
  • Camera
  • Multitasking
  • App Store
  • A cleaner calendar
  • Messaging
  • Mail
  • iPhoto's new tricks
  • Safari has been revamped
  • A smarter Siri
  • iTunes Radio now real
  • Push photos to the cloud
Boasting a cleaner design, smoother layout, plus that "skinny jeans" retro font, Apple's new iOS 7 shows icons that are are flatter, brighter, and almost appear to float above the screen. Check out our First Take of iOS 7 for a deeper dive.
    June 10, 2013 11:31 AM PDT
    Photo by: Apple
    | Caption by: Brian Bennett, Sarah Mitroff

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    Well not much I can say here that hasn't been said, iOS is in catch up mode with Android but still way behind, guess it's obvious We are seeing the there is no one at Apple with any innovative thoughts since the loss of Steve Jobs, his loss was the beginning to the end of the iPhone's reign.. I'll be sticking with my Galaxy S4 and looking to the next Nexus phone for REAL upgrades and innovation.. The good news is with such little usable and real change my daughters won't be hounding me to upgrade their iPhones lol..

    Guido Muldoon
    Horrible looking!  All it needs is butterflies and unicorns to corner the 12 year old girl market.  I'll be sticking with iOS6.  Will we at least be able to darken the background? When will we get a phone sex capable Siri? (Just kidding...........maybe.)

    Yeah Should just go back to Android came to iphone because i hate Windows phones and junk android phones. Huh feel like ill be running the junk Galaxy Nexus again seeing the same crap big loose Apple. Your not looking good

    just my 2 cents but did anyone notice the screen and the surrounding bezel Apple used during the keynote?  It looked a lot like a Lumina 920.  I'm curious if the next screen size will be something similar?

    Let's forget for a moment that this all a blatant copy of Android and Windows. The design itself looks like something a child would like. As an adult, I honestly feel weird having these types of icons on my phone.  By the way I am an Iphone user and was looking forward to refresh. 

    @rza130 One thing that appealed to me about my Nokia 928 and WP8 is (and as one iPhone user said who saw it), it has a sophisticated look to the interface with it's "flat" design and darker theme (if chosen).  As a person dealing with business and medical professionals, I don't want the same interface as my 10 yr. old niece's phone.

    Apple should've been gunning for Spotify instead of Pandora with iRadio. Pandora is outdated. Now people want more than just a personalized radio station. We also want to be able to create custom playlists, search and add individual songs as well as be able to play the songs when there is no internet connect. And so far from what I've seen ...  iRadio offers none of those things. It's merely a Pandora clone, and nothing more. 

    So CNET while you are bubbling and mumbling on how iOS 7 is pretty and clean and all bla bla why don't you be brave enough and admit that it is a blatant copy of Windows Phone and Android?

    I really like some of the screens, but when I look at multiple different screens at the same time, I feel a little confused.  Hopefully they will introduce a little more consistency before its actual release.  Also, depressed that widgets didn't make it over.
    Give me widgets, a bigger screen, a removable battery and storage, and make it more consistent, and I will switch to an iPhone happily.
    But my original point- does it look a little mish mashed together to anyone else?
    Also, I like the look of the buttons on the drop in menu they finally ported in from android, but HATE that color.  Is it customizeable does anyone know?

    After watching some of the videos of the iPhone as it is being used, it does look interesting, its just these ICONS!  So childish, so flat, cartoonish.  No depth.  Looks way too much like Windows tablet/phone and Android.

    It looks childish.  All of the bright colors are really not my thing.  

    @gidgiddonihah Yea I am also finding the interface to be too bright in general, which is especially a problem for me since bright lights give me a headache.  If a dark theme is important to you check out the Q10 (sample screenshot below). :)
    I believe the main goal of the dark theme is to increase battery life since the Q10's screen is an AMOLED.

    It appears the jailbreakers are doing the developmental work for Apple. So, nothing really new here?

    iOS 7 Lockscreen- Looks shockingly similar to WP8
    iOS 7 Notification Center- Already a direct copy of Android
    iOS 7 Messaging App- Not gonna lie, looks like messaging on windows 8. plain white background with simple look
    iOS 7 Multitasking- Looks like a direct copy of WP8 Multitasking with the app icon under the window
    iOS 7 Camera App-  Has an Android 4.2 camera look with a red shutter button
    iOS 7 Safari App- Tabs on the new safari look almost exactly the same as tabs on google chrome for android
    So what I learned is that Apple stopped innovating and they were so far behind in user interface. Simple tasks like toggling on/off wifi, you had to leave the app and go into the settings app. Also, multitasking on iOS wasn't even multitasking. They took what was missing to fix the many flaws in their OS.  The control center actually looks horrid and possibly hard to read outside in the sun with the white font and the pearl blue/silver color in the background. The photos app look so messy and awkward. And the biggest downside so far: The OS is still behind a barred window.
    All in all, the new look is umm... a mashup of android/WP8/iOS6. Not so impressed but actually shocked that nothing "new" was brought on the table that would make other companies say "oh darn! We should have thought of that!" 
    Although, I will upgrade my 3rd gen iPad to iOS 7 when there is a Jailbreak for iOS 7. 

    Ooooo!  A red shutter button!  A white background!  Now this is exciting and innovative stuff!

    @Pauliex They could've just leave the camera icon there and not become a replica of Nexus camera with that round button.

    Awesome, nice try there Apple. Copied Windows Phone Metro design and Androids... this shows lack of innovation and ideas the company has.
    Was Steve Jobs the only one in the company to come up with the brilliant ideas? 

    many stolen...ahem borrowed element of Windows Phone 8, JellyBean 4.2.2 and most of all Touch Wiz
    Apple, are you just trying to get back at Samsung or have you had this idea for the longest time.

    It's not about Android vs ios vs WP8. It's about the fact that ios7 copies the design of pure Android SO MUCH and apple is always the one constantly accusing people of copying. It is just wrong and apple should be ashamed

    Kind of funny that it looks a lot like Android. That's a good thing I suppose, since I think 4.0+ looks very attractive and previous iOS iterations looked stale and outdated.

    While the Apple faithful will defend iOS to the nth degree I just hope they notice some similarity and remember that next time Apple in is court over "look and feel" patent disputes. 

    To all that says it looks like every other os out there, thats true. Forstall was the guy that insisted on the outdated skeumorphic design and it was only recently (as many ppl know) that he was ousted and replaced by Ives who reportedly, has been wanting to change the look of the software for a long time.
    People interested in design knows that art goes through phases (whether its fashion, fine art, poetry, design, etc). It just so happens that software design right now, is all about a certain flat, clean look with with rather similar looking fonts.. I'm not a software design expert but its just that every new app, os, exciting new program that has a "beautiful user interface" feature as a selling point is kinda sporting more or less the same look right now.
    It's like fashion ("it's all about neons this season!" And so on) or even fine art where experts can estimate when something was painted or created based on the style of the painting (Impressionism, cubism, etc.). For the ios, maybe that's why everybody says it looks like whatever os or phone they've been using. It's just that its the design concept of the times now.The distinguishing difference in each design concept is really the artist's execution of the theme. Lesser artists can paint in the style of Da Vinci, before or after him, but that doesn't mean that they're all the same.
    I can't say for sure that Apple, Blackberry, Google, Windows, etc has expressed this style the best as it all depends on the execution of it and I haven't had the opportunity to try it all but I think it's its unfair to say that ios7 is a mere copy based on a cursory glance at the screenshots.

    @Alsk98 Windows Phone looks cool and fresh and it looks nothing like Android. ios7's overall theme just looks SO MUCH like Android.

    @superjjdude @Alsk98 Dude! Android is a copy of iOS. Nobody is copying Android cause its a stolen OS put together by freeloaders.

    I think it actually looks great. The color scheme is quite vibrant and I like that the text has been sharpened up.

    Does this also mean the greyed out WiFi/Bluetooth button on my 4S will also be pretty and sparkly? This is crazy.

    Are you sure that is an iphone? Are they allowing their phones with Android os on them now?

    Talk about the "The pot calling the kettle black", innovation left Apple years ago which is probably why the similarities to Windows Phone 8 UI should be clearly apparent. As taking the high road is an option for Microsoft I would much prefer to see them call Apple out on the this via a clever commercial. Funny, how even the tables there have turn, where Apple is constantly suggesting the obvious in its commercials while Microsoft is a little more free to be CREATIVE.  

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