Friday, September 13, 2013

How to repair loose bricks using stones instead of concrete

How to anchor loose bricks using stones instead of concrete - like by edge of driveway

Plastic edge restraint is the way to go.Concrete will crack over time and the edge of your walk or patio will begin to pull apart.I've had many instances where I had to get topsoil, for example, to a planting bed and I had to cross a paver walk we just built. I have driven my Bobcat over a just-compacted walk, (with a plastic edge restraint), and I have done it without moving a single paver.  Also, a lot of contractors seem to think that installing a "wet edge" soldier course is somehow quicker and better, (it is neither, in my opinion), then, they install the field pavers over a standard gravel/sand base. Usually, after a season or so, each and every one of these installations has the field settling more than the edges and the edges eventually crack.
- Compact the native soil
- Add Geotex
- Then add a graded aggregate
- Compact the aggregate
- Install the bedding sand
- Install the pavers
- Install the edge restraint
- Compact everything

0.5 cu ft Paver Base
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 72-in Plastic Flexible Patio Stone and Paver Restraints
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QUIKRETE 10 Lbs. Quick Setting Concrete Repair

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