Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael J's Pepsi ad

What more can be said about pop/r&b musical genius Michael Jackson?

He was one of the first '80's pop stars to legitimize TV celebrity endorsements by musicians, raising the price tag to a then record $5 million deal. He cleared the way for a wave of suddenly hip, star-studded commercials, in an industry where Hollywood and music insiders had long frowned upon such endorsements as crass.

Take a look at how he modified Billie Jean to create one of Pepsi's best ads ever, link below.

On a personal level, I saw Michael entertain at Indiana U. when I was a freshman, having secured some front row seats to see the Jackson 5 from the AM radio station where I DJ'ed.

Many of my friends were "too cool" to go see young Michael sing "ABC" and "Stop the Love You Save". Remember this was the late '60's, think the Doors and the James Gang.

Watching him perform close up, I was speechless. His voice was a child's pitch but with a mature vocal range with uncanny pacing.

And yes, even at 11 years old, you couldn't take your eyes off his dancing, choreography, and stage presence.

The only other entertainer who had that impact on me was when I saw Robin Williams as his career was lifting off as "Mork".


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