Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TV Networks - Technology's Latest Blow - Death by 1000 Cuts

Growing up, I loved our old black and white TV.

We had only 3 network channels (WCBS, WNBC, WABC), 2 weak independent stations (WNEW, WPIX) and a fledgling, part time, educational TV channel.

How technology has changed it all !

The latest nail in the coffin for TV networks was hammered in on Monday.

The Supreme Court declined to hear a case about a digital video recorder technology, opening the gate for wider use of DVR systems.

With it, a customer would use a remote control to digitally record a program like “60 Minutes” but instead of storing the show in the customer’s at-home DVR box, the technology would store the show on a faraway Cablevision server.

The technology would let Cablevision convert set-top boxes into boxes with DVR capabilities without requiring an installation or new equipment, opening up broader use of DVR access and commercial skipping tools.

I wonder if TV's pioneers ever envisioned the explosion in TV and web content?



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